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Representing Clients From All Over The Globe

Our Law Firm is dedicated to providing you with exceptional and personalized service at competitive costs. We represent clients seeking immigration and visa benefits, whether seeking a "green card" to live permanently in the United States or a temporary visa to legally work, study or conduct business activities in the United States. We also represent clients in immigration court proceedings to defend them against removal or deportation. 

Our immigration clients come from and are located in countries worldwide and in various states within the USA. We have the experience, knowledge and dedication to present your case to USCIS, the U.S. Consulate or the Immigration Court in an organized, complete and coherent manner, so that your case is processed as efficiently and favorably as possible. 

What types of immigration cases do we handle?
Apply for a VISA to the United States for: 

Apply for Permanent Residence (Green Card):

Apply for U.S Citizenship:
Naturalization for Permanent Residents
Citizenship automatically from parents
Court Proceedings / Deportation Defense

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